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MyTollFreeNumber: How it works

Obtain premium toll-free numbers associated with your company products or services.

MyTollFreeNumber offers premium toll-free numbers for your business/professional office. Premium toll-free numbers help businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services. Our services allow businesses across the country to share the same toll-free number, while offering your business exclusive rights to the toll-free number for calls originating in your city, state or country.

The toll-free numbers can be setup so you can only receive calls placed within your home city, state and/or surrounding states or country.  This custom toll-free setup allows for your business to easily establish a directory of local customers, without the hassle of receiving toll-free phone calls from customers that you canít serve.

The "Premium" toll-free numbers can be used for:

  • Ordering - nothing stands in the way of the customer ordering when the call is free and the toll-free number is easy to remember.

  • Customer Support - little stands in the way of customers asking for additional product info or tracking an order. You will build customer loyalty by troubleshooting customer problems.

  • Toll-Free Faxing - make it easy for your customers to place orders.

  • Technical Help-Line - put your tech team right at your customers' fingertips and they'll reward you with additional business.

MyTollFreeNumber offers:

  • assistance in selecting and setting up premium toll-free numbers

  • setup to any existing phone line. no need to install and pay for another phone line. Toll-free number can ring to any existing phone line that you choose, including your existing business line, your home phone, cell phone, etc.

  • advanced routing features include the ability to route calls to different locations at times you specify. You can take advantage of these features to route your calls to a 24-hour call center or voicemail when you're closed or not around or weekends. For example, if your locations are closed on the weekend, you can have calls on Saturday and Sunday routed to your call center or to a voicemail.

  • low cost toll-free telephone service through its relationships with telecommunications service providers; Only 9 ĺ cents per minute--any time, any day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all interstate toll-free calls. Low monthly fees.

  • Low cost telephone service for all of your long distance needs. In addition to MyTollFreeNumber toll-free services, a customer has the ability to take advantage of MyTollFreeNumber and its communication partnersí LOW RATES for all of their long distance needs.

Feel free to Browse through our categories until you find the toll-free number that best fits to you and/or your business.  You can also widen your search by typing in selected keywords in our search box on the left menu bar. Our database will then bring up a list of possible toll-free numbers that may match your type of business or expertise.


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